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Synda Health & Care Recliner Joyce

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Electrically adjustable sofa chair, 1 seat, rocking and rotating 300 degrees.

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Synda Health & Care
"Made for Every Part of Your Home"

Recliner has a beautiful, modern design that fits perfectly with every Life Style.
Single seat electric adjustable sofa that can rock and rotate 300 degrees.
that is designed to increase convenience Relax and elevate your rest even further.

-Adjustable sofa that can rotate 300 degrees, allowing you to adjust the level of the chair to suit your needs.
-Can be rocked Lets enjoy Relax with a comfortable sitting position and help stimulate effective sleep.
-Electric level adjustment button Easy adjustment with just your fingertips Can recline up to 170 °
-Phone holder Enjoy playing with your phone while sitting and relaxing.
-USB Charge adds convenience to charging the battery and keeping the phone nearby.
-The side of the sofa has a large storage compartment. Can store books or laptops, increasing convenience for use.
The sofa is covered with PU (Polyurethane) leather. The seat cushion is thick and soft. Comfortable to the touch Suitable for relaxationพื้นที่นั่งขนาดใหญ่ Supports weight up to 120 kilograms
The sofa is made from quality materials. Standard steel structure Including the inner structure consisting of hardwood. that is strong and durable

There are 3 colors to choose from.

1 year motor warranty

size : 100*99*103 cm.

How to take care of it

Use a vacuum cleaner. Turn on the wind at a moderate level. To challenge cleanliness
Avoid using cleaning fluids. because it causes damage to the material such as stains
Be careful of sharp objects. This may cause scratches or tear the leather.

You should avoid exposure to strong sunlight or too hot temperatures, which will cause the leather on the outside of the sofa to become crispy and the color will fade quickly.
Do not jump or stand on the sofa. Because it will cause the sofa to support weight in specific areas. This may cause damage to the internal structure.

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