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Synda Health & Care Recliner, Day dream model
A warm and comfortable home is where our hearts return. And to add comfort to every living space in your home, 'Synda Health & Care Recliner, Day dream model', a 2 in 1 reclining fabric sofa that has been designed to meet the needs of every use. Whether it's sitting, relaxing, or sleeping as comfortably as in your own bed.

Unique Features and Advantages
ADJUSTABLE COMFORT: With 3 levels of adjustment, including 105°, 125° sitting and 180° reclining, the Daydream model lets you enjoy all your activities on one sofa.
Design to fit any space: With its compact size in both sofa and bed form, the Daydream is the perfect choice for homes with limited space.

Durability from Rubber Wood: The sofa legs are made from real rubber wood. Not only beautiful but also durable to use
EASY CARE: The cover is breathable. Easy to clean and does not collect dust, keeping everyone in the house clean.
Details thought out for you: 2 multi-purpose pillows stuffed with good quality sponge. Supports your neck and back comfortably throughout use.

Comes in an elegant DARK GRAY color that can match any room décor. From modern to classic styles, the Daydream range has become more than just a sofa. But it is a piece of art that is also very comfortable.

For perfect relaxation and adding usable space to your home, 'Synda Health & Care Recliner Day dream' is the answer to all your relaxation needs. Meet the adjustment of living space without limitations. And fill every night with your best dreams.

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