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Synda Health & Care Recliner Cozy Synda Health & Care Recliner Cozy
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Fitted bed sheet, VASTNESSA BLUE Fitted bed sheet, VASTNESSA BLUE
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Fitted bed sheet, MAGIC GRAY Fitted bed sheet, MAGIC GRAY
฿280 - ฿2,260
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Fitted bed sheet, LAMODE DEEP OCEAN Fitted bed sheet, LAMODE DEEP OCEAN
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Rest assured with certifications and standards aimed at enhancing health.

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Allergy Control
Back support
Hygienic fresh

Mattresses and bed designs

The Synda mattress has been developed using cutting-edge technology that meets the standards of Switzerland, taking into account ergonomic principles to provide you with the utmost comfort during rest through its proprietary technology.


Bedding set

The Synda bedding set incorporates the soft touch of premium natural cotton fibers and meticulous attention to crafting seamless fabric, while also featuring dust mite resistance, making every night of sleep an exquisite and remarkable experience.



The Synda pillow is designed for optimal rest and good health, combining high-quality materials with comfort in use through its dust mite resistant properties, ensuring you experience undisturbed sleep and feel refreshed every morning.



The Synda recliner delivers superior rest and health with its modern design and durability, offering various customization options for the perfect relaxation experience.

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