Conditions for returning products and product warranty

Warranty criteria

Taking pride in our meticulousness in every detail of the Synda Swiss Posture Comfort mattress, we dare to guarantee the quality of every Synda mattress product to all our patrons with details. and conditions of the warranty as follows

Warranty period

Your Cinda products Receive a guarantee from Cinda (Thailand) Company Limited from the date the Cinda mattress is delivered. and is effective for the period specified according to the company's mattress model (except for products that are displayed in storefronts) or demonstration product or products that are sold as is The warranty starts from the date of product delivery)

Terms and conditions of warranty

1. Warranty for mattresses with spring system (Supreme Coil)

Spring system. There may be some slight spring noise. According to the structure of each type of spring when there is vibration or turning This does not cause any defects in use. The warranty for the Supreme Coil system mattress is only for the mattress structure that has collapsed. Does not include cover and other material layers

Conditions for considering that the mattress collapses from the spring system Measure the collapse of the lowest point compared to the highest point as follows.

Mattress with a height of no more than 12 and a sag > 1.5 (3.8cm) measured from the top cover.

Mattress with a height of more than 12 and a sag > 2 (5 cm) measured from the top cover.

2. Warranty for mattresses with pocket spring system

Pocket Spring system or independent spring system Focus on supporting weight naturally. Because each spring works independently. Eliminates the problem of vibration. Disturb nearby people As you turn around This will be a warranty only for the mattress structure that has collapsed. Does not include cover and other material layers

Conditions for considering that the mattress collapses from the spring system Measure the collapse of the lowest point compared to the highest point as follows.

Mattress with a height of no more than 12 and a sag > 1.5 (3.8cm) measured from the top cover.

Mattress with a height of more than 12 and a sag > 2 (5 cm) measured from the top cover.

3. Mattress warranty Memory foam system

Memory foam will experience a reduction in its shape. This will not affect the pressure reducing properties of the mattress. It is the consumer's duty to keep the product in proper condition. Turning the mattress front-back or top-bottom It will prolong the lifespan. To provide proper support for the mattress to maintain this warranty. This warranty does not cover deterioration of foam that shrinks less than 1.5 inches. We reserve the right to not provide a warranty for the following products.

- Sagging or surface depressions on the body that are at least three-quarters of an inch deep

- Physical defects in the mattress that cause the material to deteriorate prematurely.

4. Warranty for mattresses with latex system

Genuine rubber has a natural smell. harmless Just leave it for about 1 week in a ventilated place. Latex mattresses must not be exposed to the sun. Because it will cause the rubber to deteriorate. And there is no need to flip or turn the mattress upside down. which the warranty includes only

- Tearing or separating parts caused by defects in production

- Collapses horizontally and does not recover. Measured more than 1.5 inches only if using a bed. or as a base that has a smooth surface throughout the cracked surface or sifted into powder or collapse and deform under normal use

Instructions for using a latex mattress

- You should use a bed or base that is appropriate for the size of the mattress. and has a smooth surface throughout the entire surface or has support throughout the entire surface

- Remove the plastic wrapping from the mattress before use. To help with ventilation and ventilation better.

- Clean your mattress regularly. And it is recommended to use a protective cloth layer on top.

- The mattress can be moved horizontally and vertically or rolled up. Move the mattress with care. To prevent damage to the mattress.

- To prevent the mattress from causing odor or to vent musty odors The sheets should be removed from the mattress every week and left to dry for a while. to create ventilation

- If the mattress is soiled Use mild soap and water to wipe and blot with a clean cloth. Air dry. Shouldn't be exposed to the sun. or blowing with very hot air

- Store the mattress by laying it flat. Avoid folding the mattress for a long time. or pressed with heavy weight for a long time

5. Warranty of adjustable bed (Adjustable)

The company only guarantees the motor that comes with the bed.


1. Customers must disclose product problem information and related information. According to the company Request for use in considering the conditions of product damage. and check the warranty conditions. If the company does not receive sufficient information, the company reserves the right to guarantee.

2. Some types of spring systems There may be a slight sound of spring. According to the structure of each type of spring When there is vibration or turning

3. Zip-attached mattresses and mattresses produced according to various special orders. Might make you feel like you're sleeping. Different from sleep trial products Which special order products are not covered by the company's warranty conditions.

4. The Company reserves the right to use the Standard Selling Price to calculate the mattress exchange price.

5. The company reserves the right to insure. In the event that the claim exceeds the specified warranty policy

6. The company reserves the right to change the conditions and procedures for this warranty as appropriate. without prior notice

7. Free gifts for the Zinda bedding set (quilt, pillow. bolster. bed sheet, mattress cover, pillow case, bolster case, duvet cover) are not included in the warranty conditions.

In the case of changing to replace the original mattress

1. If any damage occurs to the mattress purchased by the customer Please notify the company. that you purchase as soon as possible within 7 days

1.1 In the case that the company The mattress delivered to the customer does not match the details in the order list. Customers can exercise their right to change to the same mattress model and same size. The company is happy to accept the change. and resend the correct product within 7 business days without any charge at all

1.2 In the event that the mattress is damaged or damaged due to the production or transportation process.

1.3 The mattress warranty is effective only when the damage occurs from using the mattress for sitting or sleeping. The warranty does not include damage caused by misuse such as moving, jumping, or hitting, and is valid for the duration of the warranty only.

1.4 Warranty of the Company's mattresses The Company guarantees the components within the mattress structure. except for the cover and components of the cover caused by manufacturing defects with the following details:

1.4.1 The spring or coil is damaged or broken from normal use.

1.4.2 Spring or coil sticking out or torn until it penetrates the mattress cover from normal use

1.4.3 Rubber, latex and memory foam layers The inside of the mattress was damaged. from normal use

1.5 The product must be exchanged for a product whose value is equal to or less than the product being exchanged. Based on the current price of that model of mattress. In considering the value The company reserves the right to return products. and returned in cash or any difference And there is no compensation for the difference in value by giving it as a free gift instead.

1.6 Changing the company's mattress To replace the original mattress that the customer purchased Can be changed 1 time after the customer receives the mattress within 7 days.

1.7 Special made mattresses or special size We reserve the right to change or return the product in any case

1.8 The company reserves the right to return products. and will not refund any money in any case

1.9 In the event that the customer makes a request more than 7 days according to the above conditions, the company reserves the right to change the mattress. In any case

Furthermore, satisfaction with the tight support feeling or the customer's soft type that affects the mattress It is considered a personal preference. and is not classified as a manufacturing defect.

In the case of product repair

After the company Receive information sent by customers We will contact you to request additional information in order to consider the terms of use. and warranty conditions

1. If you consider that Damage to the main structure of the mattress is covered by the warranty. The company will make an appointment with the customer to receive the product back for repair. Carry out repairs and return it to the customer respectively, free of charge

2. If it is considered that the mattress is not damaged from the main structure. According to the warranty conditions, the company will advise customers on how to care for the mattress. along with informing of additional services provided by the company Can provide service to customers and notify expenses accordingly

3. If it is considered that the mattress is not damaged from the main structure. But the customer wishes for the company Bring the product for inspection. The company will charge the cost of transportation and inspection as follows.

- In Bangkok and surrounding areas, the service fee is 1,000 baht (receiving and returning according to the company's shipping schedule). This price includes the inspection service fee.

- Other provinces (except 3 southern border provinces) service fee 1,500 baht (receiving and returning according to the company's shipping schedule). This price includes inspection service fees.

Mattress quality guarantee Does not cover the following parts:

1. Material layers (memory foam layers, synthetic fibers, other interior materials) and covers that are sagging and/or damaged. color changes and material properties, torn materials caused by use, including

- Bumping, jumping on the mattress Raising your knees on the bed

- Placing heavy objects on the mattress for more than 3 days.

- Damage-torn from sharp objects Products damaged by fire

- Raising animals on the bed causes fleas, bedbugs, gnats, mites, and various insects.

- liquid stains or other stains

- Misuse For example, use the mattress as an ironing board.

- Damaged products, damaged as a result of following customer orders. For example, allowing the delivery staff to leave the bed to go up to the house.

- Improper storage of the mattress, such as storing it in a high humidity area, causing mold. Places where sunlight shines / water causes changes in material properties.

- Inappropriate bed sharing such as the bed being too small This causes the mattress to be squeezed until it is deformed. The structure is lath (keel).

- กลิ่นของที่นอนวัสดุดิบที่เป็นกลิ่นเฉพาะตัว เช่น โฟม ยางพารา กาว เป็นต้น ดังนั้นอาจมีผลทำให้ที่นอนมีกลิ่นเฉพาะรุ่น

2. Health and illness of customers

3. Satisfaction in using mattresses and services

Service for changing material layers and covers

Cover layer and material layer Not within the product quality guarantee conditions Because it depends on the use and maintenance of the customer. Therefore, if the customer wants to use the service to change the cover and material layer, the company will charge different costs for changing the material layer and cover according to the model and size of the product. and delivery charges

Mattress products in the case of damage from the material layer which is not covered by the warranty conditions But if the customer wants to change the material layer or cover, the cost will be calculated according to the actual material cost. and add a 30% processing fee and a transportation fee of 1,000 baht/house by the company All expenses will be informed to the customer. and decide before taking any steps

If the raw materials used in production or the products to be repaired or replaced cannot be found at that time, the company will substitute with raw materials or products of equal or higher quality, but may not be the same color or original.

Conditions: No replacement mattress service.

Warranty counting after changing or repair/fix the mattress

The warranty period continues from the remaining period from the original mattress for which the warranty rights were used. For example, the original mattress has a 10-year warranty period and the customer requests an exchange or repair of the mattress after 2 years of use. Therefore, the remaining warranty period remains. is only 8 years old

Online Registration E-Register

In order to receive the benefits from this warranty Please register online within 30 days after product delivery at Warranty registration page Benefits for purchasers from the company only. This warranty is for the benefits of purchasers of products from the company only (purchasers).

Warranty Help Center

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