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SYNDA FRIC Adjustable Bed
Feel the luxury of comfort Make you superior of sleep
Allowing you to release your fatigue freely. Relax in every posture. tastefully
​         Innovation of relaxation That helps take care of your health. Helps you adjust to a comfortable sitting position. Relax in every posture. There is an electric massage system that helps to relax and helps relieve neck pain, back pain or numbness. The bed material is covered with fabric.

Consists of 9 FUNCTIONS
1.Adjust Level can adjust the level throughout the bed. To properly support every proportion of the body.
2 Body Massage Electric vibration massage system with up to 3 modes and can also adjust the massage weight up to 3 levels.
3.Wellness Remote Control has a wireless remote control. Helps you adjust your sleep level according to your needs.
4.Anti-Snore Feature relieves snoring. and sleep more comfortably
5.Zero G The system will level the head up 15 degrees and the legs 45 degrees.
6.Touch"Flat"Button Easily return the bed to level by pressing the Flat button on the remote control.7.USB Ports increase convenience. With a USB cable port, you won't miss any communication. without getting out of bed
8.Low noise motor motor system works efficiently. Quiet without noise
9.Bed Lighting System There is a lighting system under the bed and on the remote to help you see during the night.

**Price only for adjustable bed. Does not include mattress**


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