Fitted bed sheet,YASUMI MORU


ผ้าปูรัดมุม 3 ชิ้น 6 ฟุต

Cotton fabric, 300 thread count


Simplicity that goes well with your bedroom. Relax with a basic, warm tone bedding set in a minimal style.
Provide warmth with Japanese-style bedding woven with 100% organic cotton fibers.
Safe for the environment and your loved ones with international product standards from the Textile Testing Institute.

100% Cotton - 100% cotton fibers that are extra long and strong, comfortable to the touch, does not irritate the skin. Can be used for a long time
Allergy Control does not cause allergies.
Long lasting, strong fabric structure Has a long service life
Hygienic Fresh - Free from dust mites, mold and dampness.
Good for air flow - Good ventilation properties. Does not retain heat
Seamless - provides a comfortable, seamless touch.
Machine Washable - Easy to wash and clean.

1 set consists of
- Size 3.5 feet / 1 piece of fitted sheet, 1 piece of pillowcase.
- Size 5 and 6 feet / 1 piece of fitted sheet, 2 pieces of pillowcases.

Elastic corner ties cover mattresses 8-13 inches high.
*Duvet cover and pillowcase not included.
*Product color may differ from the picture depending on lighting and shadows in photography. and display screen

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