Fitted bed sheet, GLACIER GREY


ผ้าปูรัดมุม 3 ชิ้น 5 ฟุต

MICRO PLUS COTTON fabric, woven 520 threads.


By combining the gentle softness of microfiber fibers with natural cotton fibers that is flexible and able to recover quickly
Doesn't wrinkle easily. The fabric dries faster than normal cotton fibers. It is smooth, elegant, shiny, maintains softness and smoothness.
Suitable for those who love health and those who like modern designs Good ventilation It is durable and strong.
Has a long period of use

Protects against dust mites, bacteria, fungus
Excellent ventilation
Confident that it does not cause allergies
The fabric is strong. Can be used for a long time
Extra tight woven 520 thread count

2 pieces of fitted sheet, 3.5 feet, i.e. 1 piece of bed sheet + 1 piece of pillowcase.
3 pieces of fitted sheet, 5 feet, is 1 sheet + 2 pillowcases.
3 pieces of fitted sheet, 6 feet, is 1 piece of bedsheet + 2 pieces of pillowcases.

Elastic corner ties cover mattresses 8-15 inches high.
*Duvet cover and pillowcase not included.
*Product color may differ from the picture depending on lighting and shadows in photography. and display screen

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