Synda mattress Back Ergo

SKU : Back Ergo035-PM

ขนาด 3.5 ฟุต, พร้อมของแถม 7 ชิ้น

Spring system mattress (Supreme Coil)


Supports the body perfectly With weight support full efficiency With the Supreme Coil spring system made from special 2.3 mm High Tensile Carbon steel.
Add a layer of excellent quality support material to increase support strength. Support weight with High Compressed Felt Pad
Increase flexibility with Performa Foam Pad and Dura Cotton Pad to help you sleep comfortably, without back pain. It also provides beauty with woven fabric and meticulously sewn quilting to cover the mattress.

How to take care of it
- Spring system: The mattress should be turned upside down every 6 months to extend the life of the springs. Should be used with a protective cover.
- If liquid spills onto the inner mattress layer Initially, you should use a cloth to absorb the liquid and lift the mattress against the wall to air dry.
Caution: Avoid liquids. or dirt, chemicals, and sharp objects

**Ask for more information Line @SyndaThailand**

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