Synda mattress Smooth Harmony

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ขนาด 3.5 ฟุต, ไม่มีของแถม

Synda mattress with High Density Foam system


details :
Sleep comfortably without springs with a High Density Foam mattress developed to have special properties. That will help you relax while you sleep. Helps strengthen the mattress structure while also providing the perfect soft and firm touch. It is very flexible and helps to wait. Accommodates every proportion of the body structure perfectly.

Softness - Firmness: Medium (4/5)
Height : 8 inches
Warranty: 10 years


SoftnessheightWarrantySize (CM)
410'10 Year3.556

1. You should turn the mattress upside down every 3 - 6 months to extend the life of the spring system.
2. Should be used with a mattress protector. To prevent yellow stains from sweat and dust mites. that is the main cause of allergies As well as helping to keep the mattress always clean and new.
3. If liquid spills onto the inner mattress layer Initially, you should use a cloth to absorb the liquid. and lift the mattress against the wall to air dry.

1. You should avoid liquids. or dirt, chemicals, and sharp objects
2. You should not stand, step on or jump on the mattress. Because it may cause damage to the spring system.

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